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Use with Your iPhone, iPad or Android

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iPad and SleepsonicSleepsonic® pillow speakers are designed to deliver stereo output from any audio source, including your mobile device.*

Any mobile device that permits a 3.5 mm headphone type plug with standard speaker left and speaker right channels can have its stereo audio efficiently delivered by a Sleepsonic pillow.**

Under most listening conditions, mobile devices connected to a Sleepsonic do not need further amplication, making Sleepsonic pillows convenient for the user by not requiring any charging or batteries.

At times though, a user may choose to use an inline booster (like Boostaroo) for their Sleepsonic pillow in the following scenarios:

  • Anyone who may have a pre existing hearing impediment.
  • Anyone who plans to use the Sleepsonic pillow in noisy environments.

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All Sleepsonic Pillows are mobile phone compatiblePlease Note: Sleepsonic pillows are currently not designed for mono output. If your device is mono audio only, please place a request to our technical support department after ordering to get some suggestions on mono adaptors for your pillow.

*iPad and iPhone are Apple trademarks, and Android is a Google trademark. These brands are not affiliated with Sleepsonic, LLC and are only used as examples of the types of mobile devices that can be used with Sleepsonic®.

**Older versions (2007) of the iPhone, or Blackberry may require an after market headphone adaptor for full stereo rendering of the audio output. Newer versions of iPhone, however, are compatible with the Sleepsonic pillow.

Any user of mobile devices should turn off the phone mode when placing the device close to their head at bedtime.