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Sleep Music & Sounds for Sleep

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Nature sounds, music, and guided relaxation exercises all can help with the sleep process without making one groggy or otherwise affected by chemicals.

Yet there is even an improved way to combine the listening process of your favorite soothing audio tracks with a device called Headphones in a Pillow.

Sleep Music and Soothing Sounds for Sleep

Sleepsonic® and Hemi-Sync®
Speaker pillows could be the missing link that enhances soothing music as a supportive medium to health. By comfortably delivering stereo sounds directly to your ears while laying down, Sleepsonic improves the experience of personalized audio listening for resting and sleep.

From  years of research and selling supportive audio programs for sleep, here is a list of audio titles suitable for relaxation in most applications.

Recommended Sleep and Relaxation CDs:

Serenity - In Serenity, beautiful ambient sounds combined with Hemi-Sync frequencies create a space of deep relaxation, calming the mind & emotions.  Listen to sample.

Deep 10 Relaxation - Deep 10 Relaxation is a highly effective, time-proven means to counteract the negative effects of stress in your life.

Super Sleep - Deep Delta sound frequencies help your brain produce the natural brain wave rhythms of the normal sleep state.

Catnapper - Enjoy a totally refreshing nap in only 30 minutes. Verbal guidance and Hemi-Sync provide you with a unique opportunity to obtain deeply revitalizing rest.

Surf - Relax, let your tensions ebb away with the soothing sounds of ocean surf and Hemi-Sync. Surf uses the gentle rhythms of nature to immerse you in feelings of tranquility.

Sleeping Through The Rain - Delicate, subtle, melodic shifts ebb and flow across the border between wakefulness and sleep.

*Stereo/CD or MP3 player not included and maybe purchase through Amazon.com, Radio Shack, Best Buy or your locally owned electronic shops.

Finding true relaxation in a hectic and chaotic world is more difficult every day. But, by using relaxation music designed for this very purpose, Sleepsonic can promote a restful and therapeutic pause that will rejuvenate any type of listener.

Sleepsonic is an audio or mp3 powered accessory that does not require any additional power source other than the audio source it is connected to.

The Sleepsonic delivers the sounds to help one sleep without the discomfort of headphones.