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Sleep Apps

We did some searching around and read reviews of iPone and iPad apps that apparantly really help users fall asleep faster, monitor their sleep levels, and help them feel better after they wake up.

Below are some of the more popular ones we read about. These are for iPhones, and iPads (some may work on iPod Touch), but you'll have to search for Android apps at the Android app store, since we have not yet posted those links.

Know that if you choose to use your iPhone when going to bed, be sure to turn off the cell phone part, as you certaily wouldn't want to get a call while nodding off to sleep!

Sleep Apps on NPR's All Tech Considered

Here is a nice radio interview titled "All Tech Considered" at NPR broadcasted earlier this year about apps and gadgets for sleep: http://www.npr.org/blogs/alltechconsidered/ . Enjoy!


Deep Sleep App


Sleep Cycle App


White Noise App


Pzizz App


My Zeo Sleep Monitor


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