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Relaxation Music for the Dentist's Office

Most dentists have a certain type of music that allows them and their patients to attain a state of relaxation. It might be classical, jazz, or lounge music, but it seems to settle their mind and body when they listen to it. As for TRUE RELAXATION during dental work, however, what's the best music option? The most direct answer is "music that calms the mind."

Binaural Beats to the Dental Rescue

With binaural technology, such as Hemi-Sync®, synchronization of the brain's two hemispheres brings the PATIENTS BRAIN ACTIVITY INTO a COHERENT, FOCUSED STATE. The dentist and patient both know how much this is desired when a drill is spinning away on tooth decay. The patient is trying not to focus on what the dentist is doing, and he or she wonders when the local anesthetic starts to weaken...oooh!

In addiiton to the obvious need for natural relaxation music to sooth the patient, there is also the need to be keep the patient's ears unoabstructed so the dentist can be heard.

With the Sleepsonic pillow, both patient and dentist benefit by allowing soothing sounds to be delivered to the patient's ears without loosing the ability to hear the voice of the dentist.

Also, volumes of research have proven that this focused brain state facilitated by binaural beats allows for deep relaxation.

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