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Pillow Features

Sleepsonic Mini Pillows: Compact Design for Portability and Comfort

Sleepsonic's Unique Thin DesignSleepsonic® Stereo Speaker Mini Pillows offer great flexibility because of their unique design and high quality components. Travelers, business people, students and on-the-go professionals have more opportunities for mental recharge with the Sleepsonic Mini Pillow. The mini pillow designs can be used on their own, inside your pillowcase, or on top of your personal sleep pillow. Sleepsonic can also function as a portable travel speaker pillow or as a massage headrest / speaker pillow for various wellness applications.

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Got Tinnitus? Get Benefits from the  American Tinnitus Association.

    • Uses custom-made dynamic, high fidelity, digital stereo headphones with durable casing--->
    • Available in polyurethane or natural latex pad that holds the left and right headphones in place.
    • 2.5 Ft fixed audio cable optimized for mp3 players, and a 9 ft extension cable with optional in-line volume control.
    • Use with any digital, stereo CD/tape, portable MP3, PC, or home system.
    • One cotton mini-pillowcase included to protect Sleepsonic® from soiling (Natural Quilt with Organic Sherpa Pillowcase Shown).


  • A durable yet lightweight black travel bag is optional on some mini pillow models. Large enough to hold the pillow and mp3 players and CDs for short trips.

View all of the Sleepsonic Mini Pillow models.