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The Sleepsonic History

After 2 solid years of test marketing, in December of 2006, Sleepsonic made its entry into this ever-expanding relaxation and sleep market by launching a design that serves a unique but growing niche and makes a giant stride toward meeting the discerning tastes of a new type of consumer.

One of the features of a stereo speaker pillow like Sleepsonic is that it can permit headphone-less music listening without disturbing others. With its Executive Black SS-200EBStd and 200EBLX units, the company establishes high quality and durability from the start.

Relaxation Products used in conjunction with The Sleepsonic

What Sleepsonic customer service agents say to many curious inquirers and shoppers, is that their speaker pillow product is not only meant for those who just want to listen to the ball game without disturbing their roommates or relatives - even though it can be used for any type of listening - its design is for the better sleep seeker, learner - explorer, and music lover who all clearly understand the benefits of intimate listening and the beneficial outcomes of sound therapy.

What the creators hope the Sleepsonic user will do is play relaxation CDs or mp3s that are beautiful, soothing, and majestic to the mind. Ambient music or ocean and nature sounds, for instance, have been included in the www.sleepsonic.com web site as useful additions to be purchased with the Sleepsonic stereo speaker pillow.

Sleepsonic is Coming to a Town Near You

While the word gets out on Sleepsonic, its creators have found ways to keep improving the pillow by constantly interacting with their customers and dealers. They always seek to develop better ideas on how the next Sleepsonic model will help millions of people in stress releif and better sleep.

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Effective Natural Sleep and Relaxation Products are high in Demand in Today's Hectic World

The "relaxation industry" is a growing one as stressed-out people seek more holistic options for finding relaxation in a challenging time. Spas are doing better business than ever, but for many users, the relief is fleeting and expensive. The key is to find relaxation products that can help one achieve a state of true relaxation over and over without taking out a small loan.

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