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Emailed & mailed-in comments by customers:

"I couldn't be happier with the Sleepsonic and my sleep CDs. I feel better
overall. My sleeping is progressively more intense and the rest is
wonderful. I decided to buy one each for my wife and granddaughter."
Bill C. - B.C., Canada

"Sleepsonic has helped my clients with sleep problems so much, I decided to get one for myself. My husband can sleep better without having to hear my sleep CDs play in the background."
Dr. Nancie S. - Connecticut

“Over the past several weeks of using Sleepsonic along with my sleep
program, I have noticed a significantly enhanced depth of rest as well as
much more active and vivid recall of my dreams. I've recommended Sleepsonic®to clients.”
Dr. Eleanor P., PhD. - California

"I'm thrilled at the superb results I'm getting in using my Sleepsonic. I
was having disturbed sleep due to Tinnitus, but not anymore!"
Lilla P. - Rhode Island

"I use Sleepsonic for an autistic patient who loves binaural beat CDs but can
not use headphones." Janet N. - New Jersey

"I love my Sleepsonic and use it every night with my iPod. I also
purchased sleep CDs which I downloaded to my iPod and it makes
for a very pleasant nights rest...” *
Lyressa R - California

"I'm in heaven with my Sleepsonic every night. I bought one for a
friend and he loves it too. I'm ordering another as a Christmas gift.
Thank You."
Rosemarie Z. - Massachessetts

"I use my Sleepsonic every night, Usually depending on the music I can be
asleep before I realize I’m trying to experiment. I enjoy its design and
sound quality . I dream, learn and even feel like I can travel in my sleep and
wake up more restful than ever.”
Cindy T. - Michigan

"I love using my subliminal program wtih sounds of frogs played throughout the night."
Steve K. - Washington

"I will recommend to friends when I go back to Russia"
Vladimir S – Moscow, Russia