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Give the Gift of Natural Sleep with the Sleepsonic®

As a unique gift idea, Sleepsonic is an innovative headphones-in-a-pillow system with an embedded pair of custom made digital stereo speakers. Its versatile design allows Sleepsonic to be used in several configurations.

The Mini pillows may be placed inside your pillowcase, or on top of your personal sleep pillow. Its primary function is to deliver sleep CD or relaxation programs to your ears at gentle sound levels to permit heightened rest. It can also be used as a mini-wedge pillow for propping up your head for better comfort. It is also great as a portable travel speaker pillow or as a massage headrest / speaker pillow.

Sleepsonic makes the gift of a good night's sleep possible. These sleep headphones are a great way to introduce the concept of natural sleep enhancement using one's own collection of sleep and relaxation music.

Sleepsonic pillows can be the natural missing link in dealing with varying sleep issues. With Sleepsonic the listener now has more natural choices to attain true deep sleep for the goal of improved mental performance while awake.

One of the most versatile features of the Sleepsonic speaker pillows are their unique size and the fine fabrics from which they are made. Meant to be used in conjunction with your exsiting bed pillow, or alone, it's easier to acheive an extraordinary state of comfort while listening to your choice of fine music, audio books or relaxation sounds.

Sleep Enhancement Using Hemi-Sync®
While Sleepsonic offers the effective delivery of the sounds that enhance listener's sleep, the Sleep CD product that compliments it best can be Hemi-Sync. Use the Hemi-Sync Sleep CDs to attain a profound relaxed state at any time of day. Use the Sound Sleeper or Super Sleep CDs and tapes to get the deep and restful sleep you need. Sleep enhancement is simple and affordable using Hemi-Sync products, along with the Sleepsonic pillow.