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About Us

Who We Are

Sleepsonic.com develops a line products unique yet vital to serving a need in today's society by offering a safe and reliable way to induce natural sleep and beneficial rest to all age groups.

Our Mission

To improve your sleep and rest habits with the range of quality relaxation audio products that are designed for the varying needs of today's discerning, quality oriented consumer.

Our goal is to give you:

* The best  information we can to help solve your sleep problems
and related health issues.
* Sources for non-drug solutions to these problems
* A website for people struggling with sleep issues who need solutions
* A fast responsiveness to inquiries and comments

The Products We Develop

We develop several sound delivery products that we stand behind 100%. The unique designs serve an emerging niche that is typically bombarded with medicinal or over prescribed modalities for such sensitive areas of the human experience:


s l e e p s o n i c



Surgical Recovery



Trauma Anxieties and Disorders Therapies

Being a small company we personally use our products daily with a variety of audio programs and listen to customer input with the aim to constantly improve our products and services.

Confidence in Every Transaction

Every order placed is secure. We insure that all of your transactions will be handled quickly and responsibly.

Your Personal Information Is Safe

All of your information will remain secure and safe with us. None of your information will be sold or given to any third parties. We dislike SPAM as much as you do!

About the Founder - visit Julia's facebook profile:

To learn more about Sleepsonic's background visit our main about page here.