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How Sleepsonic Pillows Can Help You


What is always constant to anyone who has trouble falling asleep and who seeks alternatives from medications is that some devices can be ineffective and expensive.

Every night a sleep deprived individual must face either annoying ringing sounds of tinnitus or some other obstacle to getting a good sleep at night time. The additional challenge of coping with the stress that accumulates as an occassional state of worry or anxiety, (take over worked individuals as an example) compounded by lack of good sleep is not always accurately identified in self-diagnosis.

Think Twice About Sleep Meds

So the next step is to get consultation by an authority or visit a doctor, right? Natural remedies are tossed around as possibilities, but in most cases a regular doctor may just prescribe sleeping pills or suggest antihistimines to create drowsiness.

But then there might be that troubling fact noted somewhere online or on a morning TV talk show...information that causes one to become hesitant in employing medications to tackle such an invisible problem as insomnia.

Here are some of those reasons to pause before taking sleeping pills:

  • Drug tolerance. Some users may have to take more and more of the sleep aid for it to work, which can lead to more side effects.
  • Drug dependence. Some users may learn to rely on the medication to sleep, and eventually will be unable to sleep or have even worse sleep without it.
  • Withdrawal symptoms. If a sleep patient stops taking the pills abruptly, he or she may have withdrawal symptoms, such as nausea, sweating and shaking.
  • Side effects. There are several side effects to sleep medications, such as drowsiness the next day, confusion, forgetfulness and dry mouth.
  • Drug interactions. When taking other medications, sleeping medications can interact with them. This can worsen side effects and be dangerous with medications like prescription painkillers and other sedatives.
  • Rebound insomnia. If there is a need to stop the sleep medication, sometimes the insomnia can become even worse than before.

So then there is another option, and that is to harness the benefits of ambient music, binaural beats, or white noise delivered comfortably without disturbing others. With Sleepsonic®, there is a new and reliable way to regain the restorative sleep and rest by listening to soothing sounds. The audio selections picked by the user (or their health advisor) can by arranged on an Mp3 player or via a good CD collection.

An iPhone, iPad, iPod, or any Mp3 / CD player or home stereo system connected to a Sleepsonic Stereo Speaker Pillow through a standard 3.5 mm headphone jack is hardly difficult to set-up, and is a uniquely natural approach to gaining better sleep. It does the job of comfortable stereo sound delivery by utilizing the brain's natural ability to focus in on the selected music or sounds and allow the sound frequencies to lull the listener into a natural relaxed state WHILE LYING IN BED without disturbing others. All the user needs is a reliable sound source positioned nearby, and a Sleepsonic.

What many users soon realize is that Sleepsonic is a benign and simple to use audio therapy tool easily and reliably available night after night without side effects or addictions! With the right audio programs, Sleepsonic can support the listener in their quest to obtain better sleep.

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