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Help Kids Sleep

Help Kids Sleep with Binaural Pillow
No External Power Supply Needed - All Sleepsonic's are powered from the user's sound source. Parents can monitor their Child fall asleep with the new Sleepsonic for Kids.

Any child of a busy household would welcome soothing music or sounds at bedtime.

With its short audio cable and low output speakers, Sleepsonic for Kids offers kids and parents a safe and natural method to help kids sleep. The pillow also helps kids be more receptive to bedtime stories and reading in a timely manner.

With Sleepsonic for Kids™, not only does a parent have a non-medicated option, but a viable solution for staging a sweet and sleepy conclusion to the day while stimulating their child's imagination.

The Sleepsonic for Kids includes:

  • 1 Sleepsonic for Kids Stereo Speaker Pillow with a colorful patterned pillow case (pattern choices available)
  • 1 Hemi-Sync CD story titled, Turtle Island.
  • Detachable 9 foot long audio extension cable
  • No power supply or batteries required. (uses the low power source of Mp3 players or portable CD players).

Turtle Island CD is a unique blending of non-intrusive Hemi-Sync® sleep enhancement frequencies with An American Indian "Creation" story for bedtime. This delightful tale is about how "two leggeds" came to Turtle Island--the land most people know as North America. It is part of a revered  Iroguois oral tradition for conveying spiritual and ancestral knowledge about the origins and history of their native culture. View Product Specifications