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Headphones for Sleeping


Sound quality and comfort are the most important requirements in the design of Sleepsonic®. Both the Headphone parts and pillow cushioning have been designed to function together as a sleep aid and audio listening accessory.

Comfort, portability, durability and quality sound are the leading design objectives.

The following information, for the prospective buyer and existing headphone user, will help in understanding how Sleepsonic is the top choice for enhancing sleep:

Sound Quality and Comfort
Using lightweight dynamic (moving coil type) headphone technology, the left and right Sleepsonic® Hi-Fi stereo headphone modules have transducers that are like tiny loudspeakers. When the ears and head are positioned close to the speaker pillow, the listener enjoys a wide range of high fidelity sound similar to that of a larger speaker without the bulky discomfort of headphones. Using the pillow as a substitute for stereo speakers can localize your music to your ears while permitting privacy and respecting the quiet of neighbors in close proximity.

The Sleepsonic speakers are very efficient and easily powered from a 3.5mm headphone jack on a CD/tape player, PC, MP3 or any type of stereo equipment. However some devices may need additional output amplification. This amplification can be achieved with an inexpensive, battery powered headphone booster available at electronics stores such as Radio Shack.

Positioning of the Pillow
The Sleepsonic® Natural Cotton Quilt, Brocade Quilt, and Executive Black speaker pillows can be used on their own or positioned with an existing sleep pillow under the head. Obviously, for optimum stereo listening, the head should be centered on the pillow facing upward. However, since this position is not always the most comfortable for some users, the pillow is light and flexible enough to be positioned in various ways for smooth delivery of sound.

1. Place stereo pillow and adjust bedding to accommodate your head and neck for long term rest and or sleeping with the volume control within easy reach while lying down or reclining.

2. Have the listening device output volume adjusted to desired level before making adjustment to pillow's inline volume control.

3. Be sure the power supply and cords from your listening device and from the speaker pillow are out of the way of travel areas used by friends, family members, and large pets. Be sure to have all potential hazards or encumbrances removed before sleeping.

4. If your listening device is powered by batteries, be sure they are fresh or fully charged.

User's Media Selection
The ambient sounds, music or broadcast a listener chooses to play over their Sleepsonic® is recommended to be of high quality - an enhancement to daily urban sounds - to promote relaxing and soothing environments that ultimately benefit and enrich the listener. A binaural beat audio CD, for example, enables right and left brain hemispheres to harmonize in their electrical patterning simply by facilitating a third stimulus known as frequency following response. This effect was most notably studied and developed by Hemi-Sync® founder, Robert Monroe.

An extensive repetoire of downloadable music, CDs, and radio broadcasts makes today's infinite choices not easy for some, so we offer sleep cd packages that bundle Sleepsonic® with a few CD titles known to be effective for relaxation and sleep. Yet music and audio tools are so wide ranging in their applications, that whatever the composition the listener chooses, Sleepsonic® will easily provide enjoyment and benefits in a more relaxed and comfortable stereo delivery device.

Recommended Audio Programs for Seep:

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