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Q: Are there EMF emissions, or what is the EMF emissions?

A: People are concerned in these times over the electromagnetic pollution radiating from anything electronic. If in excess at a close distance they (electromagnetic fields - EMF's) have been reported to be interactive with the body and its natural cell regeneration. There are three kinds of this type of pollution: Electrical- the voltage field measured in volts , Magnetic- the magnetic field measured in gauss, RF-- the radio frequency field measured in hertz and watts.
After testing all Sleepsonic® products for the three forms of pollution these are the results:

1. There was a negligible electrical field.

2. With Sleepsonic and Babysleepsonic there was .6 milligaus at .5 inches and undetectable at 1 inch. These readings are both negligible with no health effects whatsoever.

3. In all three products there was no RF field detected.
If you are using as a sound source an IPOD, Shuffle, MP3 player, or any other small, battery operated digital device there are no fields emanating from them. If you are using a plug in Boom Box it should be placed 4-5 feet away from the user whether it is an adult or a baby because the A.C. (alternating current) field could have effects at an closer distance. Also any wireless (cellular) device used regularly in close proximity to the head or womb is not advised, especially during sleep or rest. 


Q: How does the Sleepsonic design and quality compare to other speaker pillows?

A: The Sleepsonic design incorporates several styles with high fidelity digital mini headphone type speakers, 3 choices of foam fill, and a variety of premium fabrics. Each pillow has a fixed shorter length (12 - 24 inch) audio cable for portable devices, such as MP3 players, and an extra, detachable, 9-foot extension cable for output devices such as home stereos or TVs. Also our high-fidelity standard sized and mini-pillows are optimally sized for travel, overnight stays, and can be used in conjunction with your existing bedding, or be used alone. Additionally, all models of the Sleepsonic are serviceable and are covered under a 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

Q: Does the Sleepsonic Require Batteries?

A: No. It may be powered by any audio source with a headphone jack: CD player, MP3 player, Portable Stereo, Home Stereo, TV and or Home DVD System.

Q: I'm having difficulty hearing the pillow. What Do I do?

A: First, make sure your audio source is fully charged, check it's volume level, and make sure the male end of the cable plug is firmly attached to the audio output device. Sometimes this requires turning the plug. Adjust the volume levels of both the device and your Sleepsonic so the sounds you are playing over your Sleepsonic can be comfortably heard while laying down.

A: Second, remember to position the pillow correctly since there is a left, right, top and bottom. Please refer to the User Guide to determine correct positioning of the pillow from left to right and top to bottom. If the pillow is placed upside down, this could drastically reduce the sound volume and affect the stereo quality.

A: Third, if you have an existing hearing impediment or medical condition that affects your hearing, consider purchasing a battery powered in-line volume booster for headphones. These devices are commonly available at such retail stores as Radio Shack, or online. It is also strongly encouraged that you consult your audiologist or ear doctor before attempting to use the Sleepsonic along with a hearing aid.

Q: My dog chewed up the cable that attaches the Sleepsonic to my stereo. Can this be fixed without replacing the whole pillow? A: Yes. We can replace the cable or speaker components. Prior to sending back your damaged Sleepsonic, along with a note describing the cause of damage, call our Toll Free phone number (408) 337-2459 to be issued a confirmation number for the service request. Please refer to the warranty for return instructions and warranty coverage details.

Q: I noticed that the Sleepsonic fabric cover has a zipper [or velcro fastener]. Does this mean it can be unzipped for removal for washing too [in addition to the pillow cases]?

A: The fabric cover helps to protect the interior foam and speaker assembly, so we do not advise its removal without the expertise of our technical support or reference guide. The removable cotton pillow cases may be taken off and hand washed.

Additionally, the zipper or velcro seams are mainly installed for servicing the internal components by qualified technicians in the event of damage or Warranty service. Also, voluntary tampering or removal of the cover of the pillow by the customer permanently voids the Sleepsonic 1 year Warranty.