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Tinnitus Experienced By 10% Of Americans, Experts Say

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A study has just revealed that one out of 10 Americans suffers from tinnitus, a condition that results in ringing in the ears. Medical specialists say that this is most often caused by exposure to high decibel noises, namely music and gunfire. About 36% of people suffer from ongoing tinnitus, the study revealed.

Tinnitus is a condition in the ears that results in persistent buzzing or ringing sounds when there is no actual noise being caused. The noise can vary slightly between sufferers. For those who suffer from ongoing tinnitus, it can detract from mental focus and concentration, and can even leave them sleep deprived.

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Courtesy of http://www.i4u.com/ :Published in the journal PLOS ONE, a new study titled "Increased frontal response may underlie decreased tinnitus severity" shows that people with ringing ears, otherwise known as tinnitus, adapt differently to the condition because they use different parts of the brain to process emotions, hearing, attention, and sleep.About one-third of people over 65 years [...]

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Tinnitus Can Be An Annoying Condition

Debra Arneson-Thilmony, an audiologist with Sanford Health / Hearing Center in Bismarck, ND wrote an article in The Bismark Tribune describing the basic symptoms and causes of tinnitus. As many residents from North Dakota can attest, its largest industry is agriculture. Many farmers and food producers also know that today's machinery intensive farming comes along [...]

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What Causes Insomnia?

Have you ever thought about what causes insomnia? It can be caused by a variety of factors, and researchers have been able to categorize these conditions as psychiatric, medical, a patient's sleep habits, substance intake, biological, and environmental. Surprisingly, environmental conditions are rarely addressed in scientific studies because that is an external variable that changes and [...]

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Noise Exposure in the Military Environment

Hearing loss and hearing issues such as tinnitus are directly related to noise levels that the ear is subjected to, especially over longer periods of time. Members of the various armed forces are often in very high noise environments and as such often suffer from either a loss of hearing or the onset of tinnitus [...]

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Treatment For Ringing In The Ears – Things That Cause Tinnitus

Anybody who is afflicted with tinnitus depending on the seriousness of the symptoms are anxious to find some type of treatment. Before looking for a treatment for tinnitus it may be a good idea to uncover what is actually causing that ringing in your ears first. I used to think that Tinnitus was in fact [...]

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Veteran Beats Tinnitus with Sleepsonic Pillow

The following is a testimonial we received from an ex-serviceman who had been suffering from Tinnitus for years. I’ll just let you read what he has to say.Tinnitus Tortures Ex-Soldier+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Dear Julia,You are such an angel and I want to thank you for all of your help. Your knowledge and suggestions have been a life saver.I [...]

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Welcome to the Sleepsonic Blog

Welcome the Sleepsonic Blog

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